Health Screening Woman

An annual health assessment or check-up addresses the unique health needs of women as well as their specific risks such as breast and cervical cancer and osteoporosis.
We offer a unique evidence based health assessment, evaluating your personal health risks and offering you advice and guidance on how to keep well and healthy.
We listen to your health concerns and discuss lifestyle choices. We will only advise tests and preventative strategies that have been shown to make a difference
Our doctors are fully trained in addressing women’s health: menstrual problems, breast care, contraception, fertility, sexual health, menopause, osteoporosis as well advising you on how you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and other cancers.
Your annual health check offers you peace of mind that you are doing what is right to stay healthy at any age.

What’s included in each health screen

You will have a full hour with the screening doctor. A detailed consultation will provide information about:
  • Age, occupation, marital status
  • Personal medical history including menstrual and obstetric history
  • List of any regular medication
  • Allergy history
  • Family history (risks of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, cancer, glaucoma)
  • Current health concerns
  • Previous health screening and prevention (dental checks, eye checks, cardiovascular and cancer screening)
You will have a full physical examination including:
  • Height, weight, body mass index (BMI), waist cicumference
  • Heart, blood pressure, circulation
  • Chest/lungs
  • Ear, nose and throat
  • Abdominal examination
  • Breast examination
Tests (additional cost):
  • Urinalysis (checking for protein, sugar and blood in the urine)
  • Blood tests – haematology, kidney function, liver enzymes, fasting sugar level, thyroid hormones, iron studies, vitamin D, fasting cholesterol profile, calcium
  • An ECG (electrocardiogram)

Additional tests and results

Additional Tests

You may also require, according to your individual needs

  • A cervical smear test to screen for cervical cancer
  • A vaginal examination
  • Additional blood tests -HBa1c, Vitamin B12, female hormones
  • Sexual health screen
  • Cardiovascular screening including 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, echocardiogram, cardiac imaging/calcium score, aortic aneurysm scan
  • Colon cancer screening – colonoscopy, faecal occult blood test ( FOB ).
  • Genetic screening
  • Mammogram/ breast ultrasound scan
  • Osteoporosis screening / bone density scan
  • Ovarian screening
  • Follow up consultation
Test Results

Report and interpretation of clinical findings and results
Following your health assessment, you will receive a detailed report with explanation of test results and individualised recommendations and action points to address the health concerns you presented with and to help you optimise your health going forward.

Key findings and medical and lifestyle recommendations with link to useful health resources
You will be offered a follow-up appointment or teleconsultation if you would like to discuss your health report with your screening doctor. (We are happy, with your permission, to send a copy of the report to your own GP.)